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I wrote this: ‘BC’s Best Microbreweries’

Howe Sound Brewing production line photo.

Howe Sound Brewing production line.

A couple of weeks back my editor at asked for a piece on BC’s best microbreweries. I’m not sure if these eight can be classified (and ranked numerically) as “the best”, but they’re certainly among the province’s top craft beer brewers. I tried to make it regionally diverse as well, and to give some props to some newer microbreweries that might not be proven yet. Also at least one microbrewery didn’t make the cut simply because they didn’t send in usable images.

I’ll have a piece in soon on highlights of the upcoming Vancouver Craft Beer Week. That was a lot of fun to write/research – in fact I think I went a little overboard. The finished piece came in at over 800 words!

Anyway, here’s “BC’s Best Microbreweries” (, May 9 2012):

It’s an exciting time to be a beer lover. Visit a beer store, even a government-controlled booze bunker, and unless you’ve done your homework you’re likely to be overwhelmed. Even pubs, restaurants and bars are getting into the act by stocking more and more craft brews, from Belgian-style beers to IPAs (India Pale Ales) to seasonal brews…

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