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Twin Peaks revisited

Twin Peaks red room scene

Despite – or maybe because – it was never resolved properly, Twin Peaks reverberates in the pop culture consciousness like few other series of recent decades. I recall watching the show weekly but I’ve never seen Fire Walk With Me (the movie prequel?), and I’ve never really felt the urge to revisit the series – maybe because of its lack of proper resolution.

But I’d consider myself a Lynch fan – I love Mulholland Drive (here’s Lynch discussing, but not really, the meaning behind the movie courtesy the blog Biblioklept) and parts of Lost Highway. And although Inland Empire (2006) was more of a chore to sit through than a pleasure, it did have some worthwhile, supremely Lynchian moments. I do recall seeing Eraserhead when I was 17, and then buying U2’s War right after. No correlation.

I haven’t heard Lynch’s album, Crazy Clown Time.

Here’s a link to a story on my site about a new Twin Peaks zine. It’s cool to see a younger generation (I’m guessing the people putting it together missed the series the first time around, in 1990-1) discovering the series.

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