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Daniel Barrow interview

Daniel Barrow art

Daniel Barrow art from Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry.

Winnipeg visual artist on Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry

Last year, I had my mind blown by Winnipeg Babysitter.

A collection of clips from a kind of Wild West of public access cable TV, the anthology brought back memories of a misspent and pimply youth with clips from “Survival” (a mockapolyptic talk show with director Guy My Winnipeg Maddin, among others) as well as some shows I’d never seen – classics of DIY programming like “Math with Marty” and “Metal Inquisition” (featuring Fearless Pig and Terrible Dog).

Some of the participants, like the two high school students putting on a surprisingly funny comedy show, were fully aware of what they were doing, while others were, uhm, not – though every one of the amateur TV artists had a story to tell, as curator Daniel Barrow demonstrated via informative overhead projections augmenting the clips.

Barrow, who curated the show, uses overhead projections in his other work as well: The Face of Everything, inspired by the story of Liberace’s lover Scott Thorson, and his new show, Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry. Barrow, who has shown his “manual animation” far and wide, was packing for a trip out west when I reached him at home.

(Want to know more about Winnipeg Babysitter and Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry? Read our full Daniel Barrow interview)


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